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Mark is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience in the corporate business world. This gives him a unique perspective and has helped him develop a customized approach to leadership coaching. Mark's twenty-five year career in the corporate world allows him to help clients prevent relationship issues from negatively impacting workplace performance. He can also help clients form awareness-based coping and leadership strategies for the workplace that merge well with their relationships at home. Having fulfilled a variety of roles over the years--from cold caller to regional sales manager--Mark understands how the daily pressures of the workplace can contribute to damaging the very relationships that we work to support.

What is it?

Leadership Counseling is a one-on-one approach for the individual who serves as a leader, whether the owner of the company at an executive level, manager of managers, or front line manager.

Who is it for?

For the leader looking to continue building their own level of self-awareness to permeate through their organization building a team purpose and buy in for their employees, This service teaches leaders how to build, maintain, and motivate a team to reach the goals of their company.

How is it different from Individual Counseling?

Leadership Counseling involves Mark helping you to look at your emotional and relationship skills in the context of your professional setting, particularly in your role as a leader.

How is it different from other Leadership Training?

Mark will take a personal one on one approach with you to help build a higher level of self-awareness as to how you are perceived by others, how to connect with people on a different level resulting in building loyalty and connection through your company. This in turn stops the revolving door hiring process and decreases the cost of turnover.

Goals of Leadership Counseling

  • Are you leading the proper way for your level of Management/Leadership, i.e. frontline manager, manager of managers, functional manager, business manager, executive leadership, etc.
  • Self-awareness analysis
  • Confidence building
  • Approach to professional relationships
  • Setting goals
  • Understanding business expectations for all different levels of manager
  • Emotional awareness embracing
  • Understanding emotional roadblocks and turning them into a professional strength
  • Direct, open, honest, compassionate approach
  • How to connect emotional intelligence with professional, skill intelligence
  • How does this impact your work performance?
  • How does your emotional attitude effect your team?
  • High turnover
  • Dysfunctional team
  • Lack of engagement
  • Not attaining goals
  • Does your team have your back? Is there loyalty?
  • Are you genuine? Does your team believe that? Do you know that?
  • Humility
  • Team cooperation.
  • Leadership maturity
  • Communication skills. Tools for improved communication with all levels
  • How do you value what you don’t know? = building trust/trusting your team/trust the experts



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I started working with Mark twelve years ago as a mid-level manager. As an executive coach he has helped me navigate the challenges of team management, company growth and executive leadership.  As happens to many women, my career started and stopped a number times over the years. Life events such as having children, making career decisions that worked for both me and my spouse and enduring the unpredictable ups and downs of an unstable economy caused conflict, self-doubt, lack of confidence and tremendous stress. I felt I was an ineffective parent, partner and business leader.

Mark has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and provided me with tools to utilize both to my advantage. He was incredibly skilled in asking the tough questions and allowed me to explore new techniques and methods that led to me finding the best solutions for me and those I work with (professionally and personally). His years of experience and training in large corporations have helped teach me how to navigate the challenges of working for a progressive company and make an impact. I have found my voice and understand my value as an inspiring leader, coach and mentor. His compassion, insights, experience and direct approach has helped give me the confidence I need to be an effective leader.

I am very fortunate to have been able to work with Mark on my professional leadership journey.

EKE, VP Creative