Happy Wife, Happy Life?

I recently had the honor of being a guest writer on the website marriage.com. This site is dedicated to providing resources, information, and a community to support healthy, happy relationships–which are all things I believe in, too! My first article with them was about an old saying you’re probably familiar with.

Ever heard the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” I hear men say this during sessions and I cringe every time. The idea of being willing to give up your ideas and identity in order to simply avoid the discomfort of a little conflict? Well, bad news: it doesn’t work. Because every time this statement is uttered and the man holds back his true feelings, the result is not a healthy conflict, it is an explosion of emotion at a later time. A steady diet of not filling your half of the room will almost always lead to this highly emotional response later on.

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Mark Glover

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