What is it?

Individual counseling is a therapeutic process that provides an individual with a safe haven to be vulnerable and free of judgment. This process enables the individual to build a higher level of self-awareness, while learning to experience his or her emotions fully, transforming this new awareness and vulnerability into personal power, through self-confidence and improved relationship connections.

Who is it for?

Individuals seeking to:

  • Understand his or her role, influence, and contribution in relationships
  • Self-awareness within all relationships, including business, personal, casual
  • Turn a weakness during conflict and stress into a strength
  • Cope with, understand and allow emotion
  • Connect with emotion so that it can be expressed in a more constructive, positive manner

Goals of Individual Counseling

Learn to lean in, recognize, experience, embrace, and process the stressful situations that cause overwhelming emotions.

For women:

  • Finding your voice to fill your half of the room = same as not less than or greater than
  • How to stand up in a healthy relational manner
  • Connecting with self and your own contribution to the condition of the relationship

For men:

  • Working on building inner strength through emotional connection to self
  • Understanding the unhealthy role of anger, rage, and withdrawal in conflict and learn how to transform it
  • Turning the perceived weakness associated with vulnerability and emotion into an understanding of their true strength
  • How to connect with and take control of the overwhelming emotions that may be controlling you