Good Things


What is it?

A therapeutic intervention that assists couples in their personal transition pre- and post-divorce

Who is it for?

Couples challenged by:

  • Coming to a divorce or separation agreement
  • Deep resentment
  • One partner does not want the divorce
  • Both spouses are very sad and/ or ambivalent about the divorce
  • Spouses are angry and that anger is notably challenging to the child(ren)

Goals of Marriage Closure Therapy

External: To bring closure to the relationship through reconciliation or dissolution

Internal: Co-parenting, facilitating grief, establishing clear boundaries and helping "rejected" partner cope


Note: The link above will take you to an external booking site. If you are a new client, please take the time to download your intake forms before leaving this site, so that you can fill them out and take them to your first appointment. Here are the forms: Intake Form and Informed Consent Form