What is it?

Relationship Counseling is an “umbrella” term which includes many different specialties and subspecialties. Here are some examples of the kind of services I am trained to provide:

  • Relationship Repair and Recovery
  • Learning Relationship Skills
  • Analytical Tools
  • Maintaining Other Relationships

Who is it for?

Couples and individuals looking to strengthen their connections with their spouse, partner, loved ones and/or family members.

Goals of Relationship Counseling

To build increased awareness of one’s own contribution to maladaptive relational patterns, so that one can learn the skills to change those patterns into healthy ones, resulting in a more connected relationship.

Strengthening Relationships

  • Focus on building an enhanced awareness of your own contribution to the relationship challenges and how each partner's behaviors influence the outcome
  • Building a strong sense of self, enabling the relationship to be balanced between two people
  • Developing the “art” of truly listening to your partner
  • Recovering from infidelity
  • Building awareness of each partner's needs and wants and how to deliver
  • How to have healthy conflict and disagreements
  • How to rekindle or maybe even find for the first time romance and intimacy
  • Is it really greener on the other side or learning to cherish each other by building a deeper connection
  • Healthy uncoupling